EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Atmospheric Composition Monitoring

top story: Ozone hole above Antarctica

The ozone hole is developing above Antarctica. The animation shows the area of the ozone hole and the minimum value measured with the GOME-2 instrument for the period 1 August - 18 September 2022.

GOME-2 can't observe ozone during the polar night, therefore the data around the pole are missing up to the 22 September. Due to the data gap, the size and depth of the ozone hole are underestimated until then.

Animation: DLR

Ozone hole above Antarctica

Latest news

23 June 2022

New AC SAF Service Specification (issue 1.6) has been published.

18 May 2022

NRT IASI HNO3 and total O3 / O3 profile products are now available.

2 May 2022

Tropospheric BrO data record has been released.

20 April 2022

NRT UV index products (clear-sky and cloud-corrected) based on Metop-C data are now available.

14 April 2022

GOME-2A/B high-resolution ozone profile (OHP) data record is now available.