EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Atmospheric Composition Monitoring

top story: Demonstrational IASI total ammonia (NH3) available

Demonstrational IASI NH3 total column is a daily product with global coverage.

The productc is available via EUMETCast in NetCDF format, see more info here.


Sample image of IASI NH3 daily product

Latest news

24 January 2024

The latest AC SAF Operations Reports have been updated.

3 January 2024

The coarse resolution ozone profile product is now available only via special request to the AC SAF Heldesk.

27 October 2023

AC SAF Operations Report 1/2023 has been published.

18 October 2023

New AC SAF Service Specification (issue 1.7) has been published.

21 September 2023

A demonstrational version of the IASI ammonia (NH3) total column is available.