Access information of near real-time products

NRT products are available to users in 3 hours from sensing at the latest. Before using any of the data products, read the AC SAF Data policy.

Data dissemination scheme is presented in product delivery diagram.

Select product type:

Composite images Product name Dissemination channels
Metop-B Metop-C DLR FTP server EUMETCast WMO GTS
Total ozone column

HDF5 and BUFR formats

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HDF5 format
on channel SAF-Europe

BUFR format
on channel SAF-Africa

BUFR format only

    Bulletin headers:
  • TTAAii = IUCX01
  • CF = FM 94-BUFR
Total and tropospheric
NO2 columns
Total SO2 column
Total HCHO column

1 You can't select multiple files using a web browser. To download large amounts of data, use FTP client to connect to FTP server

Note: All products listed above (from one Metop satellite) are included in a single file.