Access information of offline products

Offline products are available to users in 15 days from sensing at the latest. Usual delay is 2-3 days.

An exception to this rule is the tropical tropospheric ozone column product, which is produced monthly and available with a delay of a few months.

Before using any of the data products, read the AC SAF Data policy.

Data dissemination scheme is presented in product delivery diagram.

Select product type:

Composite images Product name Dissemination channels
Metop-B Metop-C DLR FTP server EOWEB
Total ozone column

HDF5 and BUFR formats

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Total and tropospheric
NO2 columns
Total SO2 column
Total BrO column
Tropospheric HCHO column
Total H2O column
Tropical tropospheric
O3 column

1 To download the data, use FTP client (such as FileZilla) to connect to the FTP server

2 Access to EOWEB service requires additional registration at the login page

  • At the FTP server, the tropical tropospheric ozone column products can be found from the level 3 directories
  • The products listed above (from one Metop satellite), except the tropical tropospheric ozone column, are included in the same file.