DLR online quality monitoring tool is operational

The online quality monitoring tool is operational and consists of the continuous generation of plots showing the slant column density (SCD) distribution, the vertical column density (VCD) distribution as well as the root mean square (RMS) as histograms per sensing day as well as time-series per sensing month. These plots are generated for three different geographic regions, the pacific ocean (25-15S, 210-250E), the Sahara desert (20-30N, 0-30E) and global, in order to represent typical extremes of ground reflectivity and atmospheric conditions as well as the global mean. The plots are generated per sensing instrument (GOME-2A, GOME-2B, GOME-2C) and per product (O3, NO2, BrO, HCHO, SO2, H2O).

The online quality monitoring plots are published in PDF format on the DLR AC SAF FTP server (acsaf.eoc.dlr.de) using the following directory schemes: