IASI SO2 altitude product released as "demonstrational"

With the update of IASI processor at EUMETSAT, a new product, IASI SO2 altitude, is released with "demonstrational" status. This product provides the estimate of the altitude where most atmospheric SO2 is located in case of volcanic eruptions, for example.

Additionally, it can be used as a sensitive detection flag of SO2. Its main application area is in the study of volcanic SO2 and the algorithm is detailed in Clarisse et al. (2014); DOI: 10.5194/acp-14-3095-2014. The new product can be found as an additional layer to the SO2 column products based on Metop-A and Metop-B operational and Metop-C demonstrational NRT SO2 products that are available via EUMETCast.

Demonstrational products are expected to be provided in an "operational" mode after the completion of the development and validation. Feedback for these demonstrational products would be highly appreciated.